Alia Komsany


Areas of Research: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology

Alia is a D.Phil student supervised by Prof Benedikt Kessler and Prof Francesco Pezzella (Radcliffe Department of Medicine)

Her research interests include understanding the molecular pathways involved in tumour progression, development and the clinical applications of disease. Alia’s current research focuses on characterising angiogenic and non-angiogenic tumours and understanding their implication on tumour progression, treatment and clinical outcomes using proteomics analysis as a first line approach.

Alia obtained a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences at University College London (UCL) and also obtained an MSc in Cancer Biology from the UCL Cancer centre.

Prior to embarking on her D.Phil programme at Oxford she carried out an internship at the Kessler lab and successfully published with Mikael Altun Paper:

Alongside her DPhil, Alia rows competitively as part of her college team and has successfully taken part in a number of national regattas in and outside of Oxford. She is an advocate for participation of women in sports and has spoken and written extensively on the topic: