Cellular High Throughput Screening (HTS)


Ebner Group 2017

The HTS team of researchers is lead by Daniel Ebner. Major investment in the group has enabled the procurement of high end, state-of-the-art screening equipment; consisting of liquid handling automation, multiplatform plate readers and high content imaging equipment. This investment results in a facility which is able to produce highly complex and diverse screens.

The aim of our high throughput screening facility at the Target Discovery Institute is to provide collaborative research scientists' access to a comprehensive, cost-effective facility capable of running high throughput biochemical or cell based assays, across small compound and RNAi screening platforms.

A broad range of screens have been run in our facility and our scientists have extensive knowledge of all aspects of high throughput screening. The centre collaborates closely with each researcher and we are available for consultation from the earliest stages of assay conception. We will work closely with each investigator through all stages of assay development, optimization and screening. Diverse drug set libraries totaling several thousand compounds and siRNA screening sets are currently available in house for screening.