Target Discovery in Disease and Drug Development

Currently, target discovery efforts typically follow one of two strategies that differ in the way they lead to target identification and small compound selection and optimization. For both target-based and phenotype-based workflows, proteomics enables a multitude of investigations relevant to the different steps and addressing different questions in the process (Figure 1).

mass spce fig 4

A state-of-the-art mass spectrometry platform is established in the TDI with the aim to develop and expand existing efforts in the Kessler group and the Central Proteomics Facility in close collaboration with the laboratories of Prof. Stephan Knapp (SGC), Prof. Christopher Schofield (CRL) and the cell screening facility (Dr. Daniel Ebner, TDI). These will include the following strategies:

A. Discovery and characterisation of key molecules and pathways in disease

B. Characterisation of drug-protein interactions

C. Drug/compound mode of action and target discovery/validation

D. Biomarker discovery and preclinical drug discovery