Octovia Monteiro
Octovia Monteiro graduated with a Master’s in Biotechnology (2007) from the University Of Abertay Dundee- Scotland, where she studied the effect of a peptide derived from the C- terminus of the CDK inhibitor P21 in human breast normal and tumour cells under Prof Nikolai Zhelev. She then progressed to Merck Millipore (2008) as a Screening Scientist for Cytokine and Kinase Profiling, which advanced her career to Specificity testing using radioactive assays for high throughput screens at the Division of Signal Transduction Therapy in the University of Dundee (2010).

Octovia then moved to Oxford to join the Structural Genomics Consortium in July 2012 as a Research Assistant for Prof Stefan Knapp, she contributes in the development of biochemical (enzymatic), biophysical assays and medium throughput screening of potential drugs from pharmaceutical and in-house compound libraries.