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The Great Oxford Bake Off returned in October 2016!


Lidl BananaMan Triathlon July 2016

Researchers from the Kessler group participated to a team relay triathlon in July 2016 and were able to collect £111 for "CLIC Sargent for children with Cancer".

Team 1 : Honglei Huang, Adan Pinto Fernandez and Marie-Laëtitia Thézénas

Team 2 : Benedikt Kessler, Annalisa Nicastri and Simon Davis


WOLF RUN September 2015

Researchers run the WOLF run in September 2015 in aid of the "Peek A Boo Trust" and "Hounds for Heroes". The cominbed efforts of the Great Oxford Bake Off and the WOLF run raised £400, £100 being donated to "Hounds for Heroes" and £300 to the "Peek A Boo Trust"


 The Great Oxford Bake Off 2015

Researchers get baking in a "Great British Bake Off" style baking competition in aid of the "Peek A Boo Trust" and "Hounds for Heroes"

The overall winner was Jennifer Cane with her beetroot and cherry cake. Gavin Roberson, founder of the "Peek A Boo Trust" came to tell people about the charity and award the prize of a bottle of prosecco.


Wear it pink and pink cake sale 24th October 2014

Reserachers in the NDM Research building donned thier aprons and bakes pink cakes to sell on 'Wear it Pink' day. The sale was a massive success and £222.45 was raised!


Members of the TDI run either the half marathon or 10K for the British Heart Foundation - 5th October 2014


Half Maraton Runners:

Alessandro Ceroni, Vita Fedele, Nicola Ternette

10K Runners:

Andrea Keyte, Roman Fischer, Ling Jinks, Alison Howarth, Michael Plank, Claire-Lise Escher-Kessler, Aicha Boudar, Marie Thezenas

JULY 13th 2014 - Race for Life

We are ran the race for life to raise money and awareness for CRUK. The TDI team comprised of: Vita Fedele, Alison Howarth, Ling Jinks, Bethany Jose, Claire-Lise Escher-Kessler, Celia Kessler Andrea Keyte, Rebecca Konietzny, Cynthia Tallent, Nicola Ternette and Marie Thezenas. We are all researchers working within the Target Discovery Institute.

Our just giving page can be found:

So far we have raised £800!!!


MAY 30th 2014 - Charity raffle and bake sale

A list of up to date prizes and all donators can be found here, many thanks to all that have given so generously to our fund raising effort.

Raffle and cake sale update:

MASSIVE thank you to all who supported the raffle and cake sales, we raised a HUGE £662!