Public Engagement of the Kessler Group


Public Engagement at the TDI 2014 to present



July 2012: Members of the group are participating in the CRUK Race for Life event in Oxford

Race for Life


March 2010: Science Day at the Haddenham Community Junior School

HCJSAs a group, we are committed to engage in opportunities to present our research to a wider community of the general public. For instance, sixth form students have had the opportunity to visit our laboratory as part of a work experience, in which they are given insight into an academic research environment.

Aspects of our research have the potential to significantly contribute to our knowledge on the role of ubiquitin processing enzymes in cancer biology and tumour progression. Further knowledge on the function of these enzymes has great potential to be clinically exploited for potentially novel treatment strategies against cancer in advanced stages. Opportunities to present results of our studies in a more general form (Schools, special interest groups, visitors, etc.) will therefore be taken whenever possible and adequate. The pictures show a "Science Day" organized by members of the Kessler group for the Haddenham Community Junior School, Buckinghamshire, year 5 pupils (25th March 2010).

HJCS picture collage

Photos: Paul Wilkinson (