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Accessory ESCRT-III proteins are conserved and selective regulators of Rab11a-exosome formation.

Journal article

Marie PP. et al, (2023), J Extracell Vesicles, 12

Factor inhibiting HIF can catalyze two asparaginyl hydroxylations in VNVN motifs of ankyrin fold proteins.

Journal article

Leissing TM. et al, (2022), The Journal of biological chemistry, 298

Chronic inflammatory arthritis drives systemic changes in circadian energy metabolism.

Journal article

Downton P. et al, (2022), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119

ABPP-HT*—Deep Meets Fast for Activity-Based Profiling of Deubiquitylating Enzymes Using Advanced DIA Mass Spectrometry Methods

Journal article

Jones HBL. et al, (2022), International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23, 3263 - 3263

Advancing mechanistic understanding and biomarker development in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Journal article

Thompson AG. et al, (2021), Expert Review of Proteomics, 1 - 18

The Bloom syndrome complex senses RPA-coated single-stranded DNA to restart stalled replication forks

Journal article

Shorrocks A-MK. et al, (2021), Nature Communications, 12

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