TDI siRNA Libraries

The TDI currently holds a large library of siRNA constructs covering both Human and Mouse constructs.

Library plates are received either in 96 or 384 well format. These plates are resuspended and aliquoted into working stock library plates. These plates are made available in both 96 and 384 well formats at concentrations appropriate for screening.

Dharmacon library  image

The Primary TDI library is sourced through Thermo Scientific Dharmacon. These libraries may be used a stand-alone single pass libraries to elucidate hits for secondary follow up - secondary hit selection must be run through an alternative vendor library.

Dharmacon OTP image

SMARTpool technology combines four highly potent siRNAs to mimic the natural silencing pathway. Pooling reduces the concentration of each individual siRNA helping to minimise toxicity and off target effects.

The Target Discovery Institute currently owns both Human and Mouse genome-wide Thermo Scientific Dharmacon libraries.  Both libraries are divided into TDI "druggable" * and Rest of Genome (RoG) subsets enabling screening scientists to easily chose between running a Genome-wide or Druggable screen.

*The Target Discovery Institute has constructed a custom TDI Human Druggable siRNA Library of 9913 genes covering known and predicted druggability.


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Thermo Scientific OTP Brochure

Dharmacon miRIDIAN image

miRIDIAN microRNA Mimic and Hairpin Inhibitor Libraries are complete collections of mimics and inhibitors in 96-well plates which enable classical genetic approaches to:

The Target Discovery Institute currently owns the Human meRIDIAN library which covers a total of 2124 constructs. This is divided into three sub-libraries consisting of Human Mimic (11 plates, 879 constructs), Human Inhibitor (12 plates 885 constructs) and a custom made supplementary library Human Mimic Supplement (5 plates, 360 constructs).

All libraries stock plates are currently in 96 well format at 2 µM. These will be aliquoted to 96 and to 384 well format at screening ready concentrations in the near future.

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