Dr Stephen Wren, Postdoctoral Researcher


Stephen Wren was educated at the Universities of Cambridge (PhD in Organic Chemistry, Corpus Christi College), Manchester and Texas (research in the synthesis of anti-cancer compounds with Prof. Phil Magnus at the University of Texas at Austin).


He is highly experienced in medicinal chemistry and has worked on a diverse set of biological targets over many disease areas in several organisations (Xenova, Argenta Discovery and Summit plc). He has an extensive track record in project and team management, intellectual property, drug discovery in many therapeutic areas and helped lead  the chemistry effort directed towards the identification of SMTC1100 (Summit’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy drug, currently undergoing clinical evaluation).


Direct experience of CNS research was gained when Stephen guided a team in support of a lead optimisation project for Lundbeck (during his time at Argenta Discovery).  In this role, he acted as project leader for the discovery of novel glycine transporter 1 inhibitors for the treatment of schizophrenia. These studies resulted in the identification of a development candidate. Stephen joined Prof. Paul Brennan’s Group at the Target Discovery Institute in June 2015 to work on Alzheimer’s drug discovery. Stephen is also an Associate Research Fellow at St Hilda's College.