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Research groups

Carmen Jimenez Antunez

Postdoctoral Researcher

Carmen graduated in 2010 with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Salamanca (Spain).  In 2010 she was awarded “Grado de Salamanca” for her research in Medicinal Chemistry under the supervision of Dr Rafael Pelaez Lamamie and Dr Raquel Alvarez Lozano. Her work focused on the rational design, synthesis and evaluation of new organic molecules belonging to the isocombretastatins' family with potential antimitotic activity.

In 2011 she graduated with an MSc in Drug Research, Development, and Control from the University of Barcelona (Spain), after which she worked as a pharmacy manager. In 2014 she moved to Cardiff to enrol in a PhD program under the supervision of Professor Christopher McGuigan and Professor Andrea Brancale, working in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical company NuCana BioMed. She graduated in 2017 having worked on the “Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of nucleoside phosphoramidates with potential anticancer activity”.

In 2018 she joined Professor Paul Brennan’s group as a postdoctoral Scientist. She currently works as part of the SGC Oxford in a multidisciplinary project for the development of target enabling packages helping the discovery of drug development for Alzheimer Research.

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