Development Protocols

Data Alison

This page contains links to protocols you may find helpful in the development of your high throughput screens.

The TDI has developed a testing platform for early stage transfection optimnisation - this panel is formatted in 96 or 384 well format and allows testing of up to 12 transfetion reagents and siRNA's at 3 different concentrations. For more details or to discuss setting up a transfection reagent panel please contact the TDI.

Assay Development

A very thorough guide to developing high throughput screening assays:

Molecular Libraries Screening Centers, the National Chemical Genomics Center (NCGC), and Eli Lilly and Company manual on assay development. (Updated)

Application Resources (BMG Labtech).

A wide range of applications in a searchable data base. Posters, publications and application notes can be downloaded direct from the site.

siRNA Screen Protocols

A general introduction to the various delivery methods of nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells with an emphasis on RNAi:

How to Choose the Optimal Gene Delivery Method (Genlantis).

High Content Imaging

General Introduction to high content imaging plates including considerations when chosing plates:

High Content Imaging (PerkinElmer)

An introduction to commercially availible high content imaging assays:

High Content Screening (Life Technologies)

General Protocols and Guides:

Surface areas, recommended volumes and cell density for Corning TC plates:

Plate Cell Densities (Corning)

Protocol for Resuspension of siRNA's

siRNA Resuspension (Thermo/OTP)

Please do not hesitate to contact the TDI at any stage of your assay development. We have a range of experience and can advise you on the set up of you screens from its earliest inception.