What is Target Discovery?

Target discovery helps identifying drug targets, molecules or molecular interactions at a critical point in a disease-causing pathway that are predicted to being amenable to therapeutic manipulation. The centre aims to link recent advances in genetics, genomics, cell and chemical biology for improved drug target discovery. A more specific focus for refining and validating such targets will provide a better link between traditional "open ended" academic processes to biomedical research and the need of the pharmaceutical industry for accurately defined targets to accelerate drug development.

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How to tackle toxic protein aggregates in Parkinson’s disease

How to tackle toxic protein aggregates in Parkinson’s disease

Posted 22/07/2016

In Parkinson’s disease, misfolded proteins such as α-synuclein accumulate in neuronal inclusions termed Lewy bodies. George Tofaris’s team from the University of Oxford Clinical Neuroscience Department and Benedikt Kessler from the TDI investigated the role of α-synuclein handling and the death of neurons that represents a hallmark of Parkinson’s disease. The researchers used a fly model and tested the effect of elevated presence of α-synuclein ...

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