What is Target Discovery?

Target discovery helps identifying drug targets, molecules or molecular interactions at a critical point in a disease-causing pathway that are predicted to being amenable to therapeutic manipulation. The centre aims to link recent advances in genetics, genomics, cell and chemical biology for improved drug target discovery. A more specific focus for refining and validating such targets will provide a better link between traditional "open ended" academic processes to biomedical research and the need of the pharmaceutical industry for accurately defined targets to accelerate drug development.

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Cancer immunotherapy with p53 antibody

Cancer immunotherapy with p53 antibody

Posted 05/05/2017

p53 is one of the most damaged genes in cancer. Because p53 stays inside the cells, it is not straightforward to identify and kill the cells with damaged p53. Now we have developed an antibody that recognises a p53 fragment presented on cancer cell surface and we show that this antibody is a promising new drug for cancer immunotherapy.

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