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What is Target Discovery?

Target discovery helps identifying drug targets, molecules or molecular interactions at a critical point in a disease-causing pathway that are predicted to being amenable to therapeutic manipulation. The centre aims to link recent advances in genetics, genomics, cell and chemical biology for improved drug target discovery. A more specific focus for refining and validating such targets will provide a better link between traditional "open ended" academic processes to biomedical research and the need of the pharmaceutical industry for accurately defined targets to accelerate drug development.

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Unravelling the hidden ancestry of American admixed populations

Unravelling the hidden ancestry of American admixed populations

Posted 26/03/2015

Scientists have traced the history of European and African migration to the Americas by running genetic information from 4,000 individuals from more than 64 different populations around the world through a high-resolution analysis. The scientists used a technique called haplotype-based analysis to compare the pattern of genes in these 'recipient populations' to 'donor populations' in areas where migrants to America came from. Professor Simon Myers,University Lecturer in Bioinformatics,at the WTCHG was a co-author on the study published in Nature Communications.

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