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Nilabh Shastri – Towards understanding classical and non-classical MHC-I antigen processing and presentation

Journal article

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Synthesis of meta-substituted arene bioisosteres from [3.1.1]propellane.

Journal article

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Widespread hydroxylation of unstructured lysine-rich protein domains by JMJD6

Journal article

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Automated 96-well format high throughput colony formation assay for siRNA library screen

Journal article

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Factor inhibiting HIF can catalyze two asparaginyl hydroxylations in VNVN motifs of ankyrin fold proteins.

Journal article

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Identification of oleoylethanolamide as an endogenous ligand for HIF-3α.

Journal article

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Chronic inflammatory arthritis drives systemic changes in circadian energy metabolism.

Journal article

Downton P. et al, (2022), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119

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