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<p>Renal cortex, but not the papilla, is permissive to long-term survival of <i>Vhl</i>-null cells. <b>A,</b> Representative tdTomato IHC counterstained with hematoxylin in different renal anatomical regions of Control or KO mice harvested at the early or late time points. Scale bar, 100 μm. Magnification, ×20. <b>B,</b> Proportion of cells that are tdTomato-positive in different regions of the kidney as quantified by tdTomato IHC in kidneys from Control or KO mice harvested at different intervals after recombination. <i>n</i> = 7F, 16M for all regions for KO; <i>n</i> = 9F, 15M; 9F, 15M; 9F, 14M; 8F, 14M for cortex, outer medulla, inner medulla, and papilla, respectively, for Control. Line denotes linear regression. Significance testing performed for slope and intercept of linear regression by <i>t</i> test.</p>

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