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Unexpected Noncovalent Off-Target Activity of Clinical BTK Inhibitors Leads to Discovery of a Dual NUDT5/14 Antagonist

Journal article

Balıkçı E. et al, (2024), Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 67, 7245 - 7259

Discovery of PFI-6, a small-molecule chemical probe for the YEATS domain of MLLT1 and MLLT3.

Journal article

Raux B. et al, (2024), Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 98

Open resources for chemical probes and their implications for future drug discovery

Journal article

Balıkçı E. et al, (2023), Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, 18, 505 - 513

Discovery of High-Affinity Small-Molecule Binders of the Epigenetic Reader YEATS4.

Journal article

Londregan AT. et al, (2023), Journal of medicinal chemistry, 66, 460 - 472

Global Assessment of Drug Target Engagement and Selectivity of Covalent Cysteine-Reactive Inhibitors Using Alkyne-Functionalized Probes.

Journal article

Rothweiler EM. and Huber KVM., (2023), Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2706, 191 - 200

DNA double-strand break-derived RNA drives TIRR/53BP1 complex dissociation.

Journal article

Ketley RF. et al, (2022), Cell reports, 41

Covalent fragment-based ligand screening approaches for identification of novel ubiquitin proteasome system modulators

Journal article

Rothweiler EM. et al, (2022), Biological Chemistry, 403, 391 - 402

Chemoproteomic Profiling of Covalent XPO1 Inhibitors to Assess Target Engagement and Selectivity

Journal article

Martin JG. et al, (2021), ChemBioChem, 22, 2116 - 2123

Deletion of the deISGylating enzyme USP18 enhances tumour cell antigenicity and radiosensitivity

Journal article

Pinto-Fernandez A. et al, (2021), British Journal of Cancer, 124, 817 - 830

Assays to Characterize the Cellular Pharmacology of a Chemical Probe



Discovery of novel immunopharmacological ligands targeting the IL-17 inflammatory pathway.

Journal article

Álvarez-Coiradas E. et al, (2020), International immunopharmacology, 89

Quantifying CDK inhibitor selectivity in live cells.

Journal article

Wells CI. et al, (2020), Nature communications, 11

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