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Developmental role of PHD2 in the pathogenesis of pseudohypoxic pheochromocytoma.

Journal article

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Hypoxia compromises the mitochondrial metabolism of Alzheimer’s disease microglia via HIF1

Journal article

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Hypoxic and pharmacological activation of HIF inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infection of lung epithelial cells

Journal article

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Silent hypoxaemia in COVID‐19 patients

Journal article

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Marked and rapid effects of pharmacological HIF-2α antagonism on hypoxic ventilatory control

Journal article

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Genetic basis of oxygen sensing in the carotid body: HIF2α and an isoform switch in cytochrome c oxidase subunit 4

Journal article

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Systemic silencing of Phd2 causes reversible immune regulatory dysfunction

Journal article

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Journal article

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Augmented 5-HT Secretion in Pulmonary Neuroepithelial Bodies from PHD1 Null Mice

Journal article

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Signaling hypoxia by hypoxia-inducible factor protein hydroxylases: a historical overview and future perspectives

Journal article

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