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Hannah Scott

Research Assistant

Areas of particular interest: Cancer and the role of deubiquitylating enzymes in diseases

I have specialised in the identification and quantification of metabolite molecular species in biological systems such as biofluids, cells, tissues and organs.

To elucidate interactions with proteins, and other metabolites (with a focus on lipids). I also study the structure, function, interaction and dynamics in vivo, especially focussing on changes that occur during pathophysiological perturbations.

Alterations in the metabolite content can be indicative of certain biological, medical, disease and health states. It can reflect disease progression, and can greatly aid in diagnosis and prevention.

I employ rapid and high-throughput identification, characterisation and quantification of metabolites using multi-dimensional chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry

Versatility, high sensitivity, and broad metabolite coverage are the main reasons why these analytical instruments are applied in metabolomics.

Through my work we have identified the important role of metabolites in many diseases and health states such as cancer, dementia, cardiovascular disease, reproductive health, transplant, diabetes, immunity and inflammation.

This rapidly expanding field complements the huge progress made in genomics and proteomics. 

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