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Please contact us to discuss your project and we will be able to provide you with a quote.

Quote enquiries:


Guidance for price calculations:

Headington site, NEW PRICES from 2018 (collaborative prices)1

Service Procedure Prices1

Samples characterisation


in solution, in gel and GASP £176.40 first sample, £ 70.56 for additional samples
Smart digest £ 23.28 / sample (20 samples minimum)
Desalting Sep pak and on plate included
MS analysis LC-MS/MS run £ 141.12 / 1 hour
Peptides Quantitation assay colorimetric assay £ 6 / sample
Depletion top 12 depletion spin columns £ 29.64 / sample
Fractionation High pH fractionation column £ 705.60 / sample (15-30 fractions)
spin columns £ 70.56 / sample (4-8 fractions)
HILIC column £ 705.60 / sample
IMAC beads £ 70.56 / sample
Labelling experiments SILAC, ITRAQ, TMT please enquire
Additional analysis data analysis: Quantitation, Post-translational modifications PEAKS, Progenesis, MaxQuant and Protein Discoverer £ 482 for complex analysis (costs per samples set)

For discount and External of University please contact Dr. Roman Fischer and Pr. Benedikt Kessler.

For Immunopeptidomics please contact Dr. Nicola Ternette


servicefees.jpegHow to calculate the price for your samples:

Three label-free samples:

1. Sample Characterisation:

1 x £176.40 + 2 x £70.56 = £317.52

2 x (3 x £141.12) (duplicate run) = £846.72

2. Additional Analysis: £482

TOTAL: £1646.24 


The University of Oxford operates using purchase order numbers.

Please ensure that you use the following details:

Target Discovery Institute

NDM Research Building

University of Oxford
Roosevelt Drive

Old Road Campus
Oxford OX3 7FZ

Dr. Benedikt Kessler

Please provide the PO document and send via email

1 VAT is not included (External Academics have to add VAT).

2 Non Academics: Please contact us for price quotes.