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(Within the TDI MS Laboratory)

FF00006.jpegThe major goal of the TDI MS Lab is to provide a proteomics platform for the research community located at the Headington campus and elsewhere. The Nuffield Department of Medcine New Research Building NDMRB (Old Road campus) is providing lab space for the  equipment. In addition, a proteomics analysis pipeline and a MASCOT proteomics server have been created in collaboration with the Computational Biology Research Group (CBRG).

For specific inquiries, please contact us.
For further information please refer to the sample submission page.


-Samples are strictly analysed according to submission date and platform suitability
-All projects are treated as academic collaborations
-We will always support a project from start to end
-All projects will be treated equally and supported till publication stage. We don’t prioritize projects according to personal interest, perceived relevance or other reasons
-We will always engage to maximize scientific output
-The DPF is in high demand. This can lead to significant wait times
-MS instruments are complex pieces of equipment. Downtimes are expected and can add to wait times
-Collaborators are encouraged to engage at any point in the above workflow
-Larger sample numbers (>50) require careful planning, so please engage with the DPF as early as possible!