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Postdoctoral Researchers:

Dr. Andrea Nuzzi (2013-2015)

Dr. Melissa D'Ascenzio (2014-2016)

Dr. Kathyrn Pugh (2014-2015)

Dr. Aicha Boudhar (2015-2016)

Dr. Onur Atasoylu (Visiting Fellow)

Dr. Alessio De Simone 

Dr Josh Almond-Thynne

Dr Stephen Wren

Dr. Vinnie Fagan 


Graduate Students:

Dr. Duncan Hay (2011-2014)

Dr. David Bowkett (2011-2015)

Dr. Oakley Cox (2012-2016)

Dr. Pavel Gunazov (2013-2017)

Dr. Finn Wolfreys (2012-2017)

Dr. Miranda Wright 

Dr. Moses Moustakim (2014-2018)


Research Assistants/Technicians:

Georgina Berridge

Milan Fowkes


Visiting students:

Cynthia Melami (2016)

Mattias Basle (2016)

Stephane Duflocq (2016)

Alexander Reim (2016)

Irene Sechi

Hannah Kiely-Collins

Holly Bunce (SBM CDT)

Benoit Darlot (SBM CDT)

Roberta Mazzone 

Leonardo Palaferri

Ewa Wieczorek