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The Target Discovery Institute High Throughput Screening Facility is a resource open to research scientists interested in running screens using small compound, siRNA, and CRISPR libraries. The TDI welcomes Screening Applications from academic investigators as well as industrial collaborators.  We are available for consultation and guidance both before and during the application process.

Our main goal at the TDI is to provide affordable access to, and expertise in, all aspects of high throughput screening, therefore we operate a system of marginal cost recovery . A complete itemized summary of all costing will be made available to you after the screening application has been accepted. 

We encourage you to submit a TDI Letter of Interest / Screening Application as early as possible.


Once Screens are Accepted

Once the fees are agreed to, a data access and data sharing policy agreement will be signed, and a written TDI Development and Production Schedule of your screen will be generated. This schedule will detail the responsibilities of the screen developers (you) and the TDI high throughput staff, as well as outline a time scale for the achievement of milestones of the screen. All high throughput screens at the TDI are viewed as collaborations between the TDI and the development research scientists. In most cases, research scientists are strongly encouraged to participate in, not only the transfer and optimization of the screen, but its production as well. We will work closely together during all stages of the screen to ensure successful project.

Additionally, the TDI is very interested in developing new screening technologies and processes and we welcome research scientist to discuss these ideas with us as collaborative ventures. In these cases, special arrangements to the fee schedule can be made to encourage these collaborations. 

The TDI High Throughput Screening Facility is willing to assist you in providing information for grant applications as well as submitting Letters of Collaboration (Letter of Collaboration request would have to meet additional requirements, see below) for research scientist applying for grants intended to fund a screen. However, in both cases, please advise us of your intentions well in advance of grant application deadlines.

Please do not hesitate to contact Daniel Ebner with any questions you may have regarding the screening application process, fees, scheduling, or novel ideas you may have.