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Comprehensive anti-Cancer small Compound Library (C3L)

A target-focused anti-cancer compound library optimised for library size, cellular activity, biological and chemical diversity, and target selectivity. This compound collection covers a wide range of protein targets and biological pathways implicated in various types of cancers.

TDI Epigenetic Library

The TDI Epigenetic Library is a novel set of 195 small compounds created in collaboration with Oxford’s SGC. Designed to explore epigenetic interactions in complex disease pathways to elucidate disease targets. The library includes a broad range of potent inhibitors of epigenetic targets and is available in 96 well and 384 well format; including ECHO-ready plates.

TDI Expanded Oncology Drug Set

The TDI Expanded Oncology Drug Set is a novel, specially designed set of 303 anti-cancer compounds in 384 well plates. The library was designed in collaboration with FIMM and the SGC to contain both experimental and approved oncology specific compounds for drug screening and target discovery.


MedChemExpress FDA Approved & Pharmacopeial Drug Library 

A collection of 3092 compounds, in 384-well plates, from approved institutions such as the FDA, EMA, NMPA, PMDA, etc. or pharmacopoeia such as USP, BP, and JP. These compounds have well-characterized bio-activities, safety, and bio-availability properties.

MicroSource Discovery Systems Pharmakon 1760


The PHARMAKON library is a collection of 1760 known drugs from US and International Pharma. All compounds within the PHARMAKON 1760 Collection have reached clinical evaluation and demonstrated biological activity against known targets. Many of the drugs represented in the library are available on the market.

Sigma Aldrich LOPAC1280lopac-2.jpeg

1,280 pharmacologically active compounds covering all major target classes (Kinases, Proteases, GPCR's etc). The library contains marketed drugs and pharmaceutically relevant compound structures, providing predictable activity profiles against a wide range of drug targets.

The LOPAC library is easily searchable using their web tool.

GSK Published Kinase Inhibitor Setgsk-logo.jpeg

A set of 367 inhibitors published by GSK covering >20 chemotypes. Available to any academic investigator with structures and selectivity data. Investigators using this set are required to deposit data in the public domain ( is the suggested site)

ChemBridge's DIVERSetTMchembridge.jpeg

A collection of 50,000 diverse-structure compounds for primary screening; the libraries are designed to provide the greatest coverage of pharmacophore space within 50,000 compounds while maintaining structural diversity.

SelleckChem Bioactive Compound Library

A structurally diverse, unique collection of 1902 bioactive compounds for primary screening. Library includes Selleck inhibitors, active pharmaceutical ingredients, natural products and chemotherapeutic agents. Bioactivity and safety profiled in pre-clinical and clinical settings - some with FDA approval; citations and reviews available for screening library.

The NIH Clinical Collection and NIH Clinical Collection 2 (2011)nih-banner.jpeg

The NCC consists almost entirely of drugs that have been in phase I-III clinical trials and have not been represented in other arrayed collections. These compounds also have favourable attributes for inclusion in a screening collection, such as purity, solubility and commercial availability for re-supply. The collections contain 446 and 281 compounds, respectively arrayed in six 96-well plates at 10 mM solution in 100% DMSO.

DTP Approved Oncology Drugs Setdtp.jpeg

A set of 179 FDA-approved anticancer drugs to enable cancer research. Contains most of the FDA-approved anticancer drugs, arrayed into a 96 well plate. Compounds are available at 10mM in 100% DMSO

DTP Mechanistic Diversity Setdtp.jpeg

The mechanistic diversity set consists of 879 compounds representing a broad range of growth inhibition patterns focused on distinct activity clusters based on the NCI human tumour 60 cell line screen. These are arrayed into 96 well plate format. The most up-to-date version of this library can be requested.

DTP Diversity Sets I and IIdtp.jpeg

On older version of the DTP Diversity Set, Diversity Set I contains 1990 compounds (Diversity Set II slightly fewer); representative of the chemical diversity of the >140,000 chemicals in the DTP repository. It is available at 10mM in 100% DMSO. The most up-to-date version can be requested.