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The Target Discovery Institute has two high content imaging systems suitable for a wide range of High Content Imaging applications.

  • Live cell image capture using CO2 and temperature variable chamber.
  • 2D, 3D, and Spheroid imaging capabilites.
  • Robotic device for reading large batches of plates.

GE InCell 6000 High Content Imager 

High-performance laser-based confocal imaging system, equipped with 4 lasers and transmitted light source, sCMOS 5.5MP camera (2560 x 2160 pixels) and multiple magnificataion objectives. Adjustable aperture and confocal settings allow optimal image aquisition for 2D and 3D imaging.  

PerkinElmer Opera PHENIX High Content Imager

High performance lamp based confocal imaging system, equiped with a high performace camera, a range of objectives and a wide range of filters allows high flecible fluorophore selction. 

In addition the Opera Phenix is connected to a SCARA laboratory robot and controlled by PAA Overload 2 scheduling software to automatically execute large batches of plates. 

The Perkin Elmer Opera Phenix offers a range of ready made solutions and easy to use building blocks for image segmentation and analysis which cover the most commony used image anaylsis methods, in addition to free scripting platform Acappella for more complex image analysis.

Imaging software Harmony, Columbus, Acapella (Perkin Elmer) and Toolbox and Developer (GE Healthcare) are fully flexible, allowing import of image stacks from multiple high content readers and a fast high power link to SpotFire Decision site allows easy visualisation of data nd cluster analysis.

High Content Imaging Stains

There are a wide range of high content imaging stains available for various applications. To discuss the stains available in more detail, or to discuss how they may be applied to your screen please contact Daniel Ebner.

Click on the image below for a comprehensive to link to a list of stains available for High Content Screening.


Further Reading