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Tiwana, G. S.; Prevo, R.; Buffa, F. M.; Yu, S.; Ebner, D. V; Howarth, A.; Folkes, L. K.; Budwal, B.; Chu, K.-Y.; Durrant, L.; Muschel, R. J.; McKenna, W. G.; Higgins, G. S. Identification of vitamin B1 metabolism as a tumor-specific radiosensitizing pathway using a high-throughput colony formation screen Oncotarget 2015, 6 (8), 5978.

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Shanks, E.; Ketteler, R.; Ebner, D. Academic drug discovery within the United Kingdom: a reassessment. Nat. Rev. Drug Discov. 2015, 14 (7), 510.

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A genome-wide siRNA screen to identifiy novel proteins in homologous recombination.

Cecilia Lundin, Daniel Ebner, Christina Bauerschmidt, Timea Palmai-Pallag, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, David Walker, Alun McCarthy, Thomas Helleday.

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Discovery and Investigation of novel radiosensitising agents.

Gaganpreet Tiwana, Remko Prevo, Balam Budwal, Daniel Ebner, Alison Howarth, Kwun-Ye Chu, Lisa Durrant, Gillies McKenna, Geoffrey Higgins.

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High througput screening to identify effectors of the bone morphogenetic protein signalling pathway

Matthew Benson,  Karen Siegaardm Angela Lee, Alison Howarth, Diliar Banan, Daniel Ebner abd Shoumo Battacharya

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