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FF0000.jpegThe Target Discovery Institute holds expansive small compound, CRISPR/Cas9 and siRNA libraries.

All arrayed libraries are available in 96 or 384 well format, suitable to your screening platform.

All reagents and libraries within these pages are available to any investigator interested in running screens. Our primary On-Target Plus siRNA libraries are supplied by ThermoFisher as pooled whole genome siRNA's and custom designed "druggable" siRNA libraries.


In addition to our RNAi libraries we have access to a large number of Transfection Reagents suitable for RNAi screening applications.

For High Content Imaging we have access to wide range of stains and protocols. Click for more information on High Content Imaging and the range of stains available.

For further information about any of the TDI libraries, Transfection Reagents, High Content Imaging and Stains; or for more information about any aspect of Screening, please contact Daniel Ebner.